The COMAGMAT model is a series of linked programs developed to calculate phase equilibria for dry and hydrous natural magmas crystallizing in the range of pressures from 1 atm to 10-12 kbar and including both open (12 oxygen buffers) and closed system fractionation with respect to oxygen. The modeling process may be calculated for systems ranging from basalts to dacites, with modeled major elements including Si - Ti - Al - Fe(tot) - Mg - Ca - Na -K and P, where Fe(tot) is assumed to be divided to Fe2+ and Fe3+ species. Moreover, COMAGMAT allows the user to simulate behaviour of 20 trace elements, including Mn, Ni, Co, Cr, V, Sc, Sr, Ba, Rb, Cu, and REE. The modeled minerals include olivine (Fo-Fa solution), plagioclase (An-Ab), 3 pyroxenes (augite, pigeonite, and orthopyroxene: En-Fs-Wo solutions plus Al and Ti), ilmenite (Ilm-Hem), and magnetite (Mt-Ulv).

COMAGMAT-3.57 for Windows is available here

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