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Из публикаций

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8038 Mineral Photos
2925 Locality Photos
200 Other Photos

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Fleischer's Glossary of Mineral Species 2018 - 12th edition

--Michael Fleischer ( 27 February 1908 – 5 September 1998) was an American chemist and mineralogist. He worked as a geochemist with the U.S. Geological Survey from 1939 to 1978. He published a huge number of chemical abstracts and reviews of proposed mineral names, and is known for his authoritative Glossary of Mineral Species, first published in 1971.- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Fleischer_(mineralogist)


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Young, B.R., J.R. Hawkes, R.J. Merriman, and M.T. Styles (1978) Bazirite, BaZrSi3O9; a new mineral from Rockall Island, Inverness-shire, Scotland. Mineralogical Magazine, 42, 35-40.

Zagorsky, V.Y., Peretyazhko, I.S., Sapozhnikov, A.N., Zhukhlistov, A.P., Zvyagin, B.B. (2003): Borocookeite, a new member of the chlorite group from the Malkhan deposit, Central Transbaikalia, Russia. American Mineralogist: 88, 830-836.\\ Борокукеит* - новый минерал из Малханского м-ния

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Сев. Америка (С)


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Ср. Сибирь
СВ России

Сев. Америка (З - Сев. Америка (Кордильеры)

Сев. Америка (В)

Британ. о-ва, Пиренейский п-в - Зап. Европа - Вост. Европа

Казахстан, Ср. Азия

Юг Сибири
Забайкалье, Вост . Сибирь
Камчатка - Дальний Восток (Россия, Япония
Кавказ, ЮЗ Азия
Афганистан, Пакистан
Монголия. Китай
ЮВ Азия - Тихий океан
Ю. Америка (СЗ) - Кордильеры

Африка - Сев. и Зап.Экв. и ЮжнВост.


Тихий океан - Весь мир

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